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Making your event the best it can be is our goal. -Rudy Furlan, manager

With over a hundred weddings under our belt, you are in good hands with Los Boleros!
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Los Boleros is absolutely fabulous, professional and one of the best live bands I have ever seen. It was an outdoor garden wedding with 175 guests. They played a dinner set and 2 dance sets. During the dance sets the entire dance floor was packed, all my guests are parting, dancing and even my 2 year old nephew was memorized by the band. I am seeing facebook posting from my family and friends saying my band selection was the most amazing band they have even seen and my wedding was one of the best!I danced my entire wedding, I did not want to leave the dance floor, me and my now Husband talked all night about Los Boleros and how they made our wedding day so special. If you want to party and dance at your wedding. HIRE Los Boleros!!
-Britt and Spencer/Aptos

Los Boleros are fantastic! I had to plan my father's retirement party and it wasn't easy. Finding the correct musicians was the hardest part, but as soon as I found Los Boleros it cruised easily from there. Everyone loved them. They played their classic songs and just made the night great. Rudy is very helpful and easy to work with. I can't find any cons. I recommend that you hire them for your event soon. Los Boleros are the real deal and I wouldn't be surprised if you find them doing international concerts or tv shows. YES! THEY ARE THAT GOOD!
-Bobby/Daly City

Los Boleros is the best band ever. I hired them to play at the Central Park Music Series and absolutely had all 1,500 people dancing in Central Park,San Mateo. I would hire them in a second for any type of party and outdoor concert series.
-Sheri/Parks and Rec, San Mateo

Really awesome and really professional! We hired Los Boleros for my dad's birthday. They played in our backyard by the pool. The music is upbeat, they played all the popular Latin songs the vocal is absolutely fabulous and Rudy is easy to work with and quick to response to my emails.

A few things to highlight:

1. Even though our audience is relatively sedate (no dance floor), the band was enthusiastic. I wanted some band who can be good even without audience feedback and they definitely were!
2. Rudy came early to make sure everything is set up.
3. Very on time.
4. They sound as beautiful as they are on their sound bites online.

-Wendy/Mountain View

I am so happy we hired Los Boleros for my May 2008 wedding! Rudy was quick to respond to my emails leading up to the wedding and was willing to accommodate to whatever I requested. They have a sort of energy about them that keeps the party moving, but when no one was dancing when they first started to play, Rudy grabbed my mother-in -law and started dancing with her! It was awesome and got everyone on the dance floor. Having Los Boleros play at my wedding was an aspect I was really looking forward to, they did not disappoint!
-Kelly/Santa Rosa

These guys are completely professional. I didn't have to worry about the music at all! Every guest said they were the best band they've seen at a wedding ever!!! Rudy is great and so helpful. Hire Los Boleros for your next party and your guests will love you forever!

You're going to hire them, and then you're going to want to be a groupie. They're excellent musicians with lots o' personality. They helped to make my husband's birthday party a huge smash. My guests commented on how much they liked the band: their music and their personality.
-Ellen/Mill Valley

Los Boleros performed at our wedding in June of 2011 at an outdoor venue in the Santa Cruz mountains. I can't tell you how impressed I was with their performance, professionalism and artistry. Let me tell you they are just AMAZING. I even heard them play before but their actual performance on our wedding day blew me away. Perfect for the wedding since the music they play (mostly a la Buena Vista Social Club) is classy but lots of fun and has a great range of tempo so that it can be listened to throughout the night. So many people came up to me during and after the wedding to tell me how impressed they were with the music and how much they enjoyed listening and dancing. Los Boleros brought a salsa instructor with them and got everyone (and let me tell you like only three people actually have danced salsa before) on the dance floor to learn some simple learnable moves. I recommend this band without reservation.
-Rachel/Menlo Park

I hired Los Boleros for our outdoor company party, requesting a three-piece band to play at a volume conducive to conversation. Los Boleros did EXACTLY what I asked them to - the music was beautiful, sophisticated and lively but not overwhelming at all. We got tons of compliments on the band! Plus, they set up and broke down in a flash, without bothering me at all, which was great because I had a thousand things to take care of.
-Julia, San Francisco

The band was superb. Their performance was absolutely first rate, all of our guests were impressed by how wonderful they sounded and looked.They were the most important element of my birthday party, and they absolutely shined. Thank you Rudy!

Los Boleros played at my backyard wedding this year and we were 100% satisfied! We loved their music and had numerous friends and family members compliment us on our band selection. We have been to many weddings where the dance floor remains mostly empty but with Los Boleros, our guests were on their feet and had a great time! Los Boleros brought a dance instructor who did a brief intro to Latin dance and this went over very well. They were very professional about arranging the event with us. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this band to anyone planning a wedding - even if you're not a Cuban Music aficionados. We ourselves had to learn Latin dancing for the wedding (which was a ton of fun) and few of our guests actually knew any Latin dances but almost everyone got up and tried to dance anyway. Thank you Los Boleros for helping us create our dream wedding!
-Elissa/Lake Oswego OR

Los Boleros just played at my wedding reception a few weeks ago, and they were one of the most memorable aspects of my wedding day. My wedding guests were comprised of people from all ages, cultures and tastes, and everyone enjoyed the band. Los Boleros did a great job raising the energy of the reception and getting everyone to dance, playing recognizable favorites as well as great salsa, cha cha cha and Cuban music songs for those who know Cuban culture or do Latin dancing. For those who didn't dance, I could see them standing, clapping and swaying to the music as if they were at a concert. Their manager was also very easy to work with, and they handled everything they were supposed to logistically. I would highly recommend this band for your wedding or event.
-Peipei/Menlo Park

Los Boleros played at our wedding in Nov 2008 and they were absolutely fantastic. The band members were very professional and a pleasure to work with. Rudy was very good about providing us with some sample songs so we could practice our first dance. Everyone kept talking about how much they loved the band. I would highly recommend them for any and all parties!
-Selby/San Francisco

Even though it's been over a year and a half since we got married, we are still hearing people say how much they loved the band. Los boleros brings a nice cultured and sophisticated twist to your wedding. it's music that's hard not to dance to but avoids all the cliches. it was nice that we weren't hearing all the cheesy DJ music, but it was still something everyone could get into. the guys were pros, worked with or budget can't recommend them enough. They killed it.
-Mike/San Francisco

Los Boleros played at our wedding last Oct 2008, and they were fantastic! So many of our friends and relatives commented on how much they enjoyed the music.The band was really THERE, being part of it, not just doing a job. They were easy to work with and very flexible with what we needed and helped us with what we didn't know enough to ask about. Like one of the earlier reviewers said, I hired them for the wedding and now want to go to all their shows! We highly recommend Los Boleros for your wedding or other party or event, your guests will definitely have fun, even the ones that think they don't like to dance.
-Scott/Santa Cruz

Los Boleros performed at my daughter's wedding this past weekend and were outstanding! It is very difficult to find a band that will play acoustically with professionalism and dynamics and los Boleros are masters at this! Great personalities, terrific musicians, easy to work with, and true to the cultural roots of their music.
-Peter/San Carlos

We absolutely loved the entertainment! The guys were great and my guests are jumping around in their seats all night! I absolutely would use them again in a heartbeat. Their music can be very soft and romantic but also fun and lively so you can bust the moves!!!! Thanks Los Boleros, we loved you guys!
-Carrie/Santa Rosa

Los Boleros were incredibly talented and I have already recommended them to a friend for their wedding next year. The communication with them was smooth, they always followed through, and were completely accommodating when we had a change of plans. The members of the band really enjoyed playing together, they had a strong presence that they projected of having fun and really loving Cuban music.

Los Boleros played at our New Year Celebration - a party of 300+ people ranging in ages from teenagers to seniors. Everyone loved the band. They sounded great and got people dancing to the Latin rhythms. The salsa lesson was a big hit, everyone wanted to try the demonstrated dance moves! Feedback from guests has been extremely positive! Thank you Rudy and Los Boleros for a great time!
-Nick/San Francisco

Los Boleros was perfect for our corporate party - a very elegant sound. Their lovely tres cubanos were played just the right volume for both conversation and dancing. Many guests spoke of how much they enjoyed Los Boleros.
-Julia/Mill Valley

We absolutely loved having Los Boleros play at our wedding! They started with a lovely acoustic set for the ceremony and then kept the party going all night. The band really made the event special and had everybody on the dance floor...even the people who said they never dance. All of our guests made comments on how great they were. I can't recommend them enough. They were very professional and I had no worries about their set up or performance. Thank you Los Boleros!
-Sarah and Adam/Carmel

Los Boleros played at our annual gala fundraiser in October 2011 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The music was wonderful, the band members engaging, and altogether a pleasure to work with. They have a great repertoire and kept people dancing all evening!
-Camille/Carmel Valley

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