Cuban music, traditional salsa music and classic ballads for any occasion.

You will love Los Boleros. The first thing you will notice is the vocal quality of the band. Not only does everybody in the band sing but both our male and female lead vocalists are strong, distinct and crystal clear.

Felix Samuel recently arrived from Havana Cuba. He comes from a very well known musical family. Felix's special vocal color bears the unmistakable echo of his father Felix “Sami” Perez Castro, an important figure of the Cuban music scene in the seventies and eighties.

In January 2011, Felix was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle as a solo artist pick of the week. In April of 2011 Felix recorded the vocals for and appeared in the dance scene of the HBO movie “Hemingway and Gelhorn,” with Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen.

Like sax? David Somers is absolutely the very best saxophonist performing Latin music in the entire Bay Area. David is dedicated to Los Boleros and you will not get him with any other Latin band, we are very lucky to have him on-board.

Zareen is truly an amazing female lead vocalist. She studied with Grammy nominated Kurt Elling. Zareen has performed with Chris Amberger, Ron Belcher, Jeffery Chin, Wayne Wallace and many others. The crystal clarity of zareen's timbre truly gives Los Boleros a unique and very distinguishable sound.

Acoustic ceremony music

This is best handled by our Piano/Upright Bass Duo. We perform instrumental Cuban classics that you know and love and mix it with jazz and bossa nova at low volume as people are arrive and take their seats, a song for the brides walk and then happy music at the end. Traditional Cuban music performed by the piano and upright bass can be upgraded to include vocals, percussion or sax/flute. Video of Piano/Upright Combo

Cocktail hour

A low volume combo that is Latin jazzy but distinct as well. This can be just the piano/upright bass combo but we can also add percussion, vocals, the flute/sax and or the tres Cubano. If it needs to be acoustic, we can provide an all acoustic combo. Picking the right combo for your event and budget sounds tricky. We have a lot of experience and can help you to understand your options. Video of Piano/Upright Combo

Romantic dinner set

To take you on a journey like only Los Boleros can, the full band begins playing romantic Latin classics. . Classic and traditional music styles like bolero, cha cha, Cuban son, cumbia, merengue, danzon and vals (waltz). This is where you will truly appreciate the vocal power of Los Boleros. Zareen and Felix Samuel bring to life old classics like "Como fue", "Besame mucho", "Dos gardenias", "Piel canela" "con los años" and "Chan chan" with crystal clarity and and star quality.

Two spicy dance sets

This is where Los Boleros takes it up a few notches and you notice the intensity of the percussions. All hand instruments, the congas, bongos and bell work to the sync of the clave. Saxophonist David Somers is simply the very best in this genre. He will blow you away with amazing solos. The show with Felix Samuel and Zareen is amazing, undisputedly the best male and female Cuban and salsa music vocalists in the entire Bay Area. You simply will not find better.